Welcome to my blog: “Digital Tattoo”

So this is the first post on my wordpress, prompted by an interesting talk today at school, presented by Jonathan Taylor of BeSafe-Online. And it made me wonder what to actually do. I am not worried about my digital tattoo. I have nothing incriminating online for the world to see, and I currently hold offers at universities. I am however, making the effort to update my current web presence to professional as the talk and presentation today by Jonathan did indeed spark an inner flame. I need to work on my professional appearance in general. So my wordpress and LinkedIn, both which I had before the talk, might I add, have been, and will constantly be updated to show that I am serious, and wanting to act more grown up and professional. Highlight grown up, for it is my 18th birthday a week from writing this!

On this blog I will be discussing basically whatever comes to my mind.  If there is an event in the news, I might upload my opinion. Maybe articles about history and politics, current affairs, whatever takes my fancy. So welcome, and enjoy!